Prof. Sinha is Global Leader and Promoter of Global Innovation, Peace and Sustainable Development. He is constantly working for the betterment of Human and Humanities in the domain of Innovation, Peace and Sustainable Development.

He is one of the participant in The UN Global Compact Leaders Summit where thousands of leaders participate and decided how business can support countries and communities around the world to recover better, recover stronger, and recover together from the COVID-19 crisis.

Our 20th anniversary Leaders Summit will virtually convene leading voices from Business, Government, the United Nations, Civil Society and Academia for a 26-hour conversation about how we can rebuild more inclusive economies and societies to set a new course for a socially just, low-carbon and climate resilient world, where no one is left behind.

As per the Motivating words by UN Secretary-General António Guterres “COVID-19 the greatest test that we have faced together since the formation of the United Nations”.
This pandemic is an important reminder that no nation, no business, no individual is stronger than the weakest among us in our interdependent world. Everyone is invited to inspire, learn and contribute to the strong recovery the world needs.

in line with the same he is inviting Input from open market in various areas of domain so kindly provide input so Team can workout and execute effectively.

Your Input can make world more Innovative, Peace Cnetric Work and Sustainable Development . Based on your Selected Ideas our team shall work to make vibrant Project and Implement it Under your Dynamic Leadership for the Betterment of World Human and Humanities.