Red Green Movement is an Initiative for the Establishment of Scientific Temper in India to Sustain India, To Innovate India and To developed India upto 2030 by Prof. Ripu Ranjan Sinha an Visionary Global leaders with fond of Innovation, Research and Development. He has Initiated this Campaign for the for the Promotion of Sustainable peace and Development at Globally.  Prof. Sinha Believed that Country development is entirely depends on the involvement, Initiation and Design Product and Services of People or Human Resource of respective countries for the Betterment of Human Mankind. Nowadays

“People is forced to Survive without Innovation and Development” .

The Red Green Movement  is inviting people across the world to join our Mission and Vision to promote Red (Science, Technology , Innovation) and Green (Sustainable Development,Peace and Environment Sustainability). Any person or Intellectuals is invited to be with us with your concepts,proposal and contribution and Fill below forms for the betterment of EAK EARTH | SHRESTA EARTH

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