S.N Name of Program Speech Title Date of Speech Location Download
1. Ideathon 2020 Important of Ideas 24th March 2020 Jaipur  
2. Africa Global Account and Finance Summit Presidential Address 23rd Feb 2020 Jaipur /Nigeria  
3. International Conference on Global Pandemic (ICGD-2020) Presidential Address on role of media in Social order 05th April 2020 Jaipur , India  
4. International Conference on Cognitive Development and Entrepreneurship  (ICCDE-2020) Presidential Address  on Cognitive Development and Entrepreneurship 25th April 2020 Jaipur, India  
5. International Webinar on global Economic Development (IWGED-2020) Presidential Address on Impact of COVID-19 on sectors of india 01st May 2020 Pune,India  
6. Entrepreneur Idea factory  book inauguration Requirement of Entrepreneur 27th April 2020 Pune, India  
7. I-NEXT Realty Show Important of I-Next Realities Show 03rd May 2020 Pune , India  
  8.International Conference
on Innovation , Infrastructure development in India
  Innovation Infrastructure development in india 08th May 2020   Global  
9.     Futuristic ICT 2050Futuristic ICT 2050 10th May 2020    Global