First World War was a global war originating in Europe that last from July 1914 to 11 November 1918. That led to the mobilization of more than 70 million military personnel, including 60 million Europeans, making it one of the largest wars in history. Over 30 nations declared war between 1914 and 1918.  November 2018 mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, World needs Peace across the globe for Sustainable Development. With this strong Believe for establishing Peace and Sustainable Development across the globe Council for Sustainable Peace and Development is formulated. Seeds of council laid during “The 2017 India Africa ICT Development Summit” held during 1 – 2 December 2017 at New Delhi, Where all the participants across Africa and Asia felt the need of podium that could work in line with United Nations and other global agencies working with same mission. As per the Directive to mark the celebration of Centennial celebration of First World War with the mission to “Establish Peace and Sustainable Development” across the globe and serve humanity in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals agenda 2030.Council shall primarily work for bringing about the Sustainable Peace and Development across Globe for Sustainable Development of humanity through ICT and ITES. It shall support & promote to achieve the targets laid by United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

Council for Sustainable Peace and Development is approved and authorized by Ministry of Corporate Affairs U/S 8, Companies Acts 2013, Government of India and registered at Jaipur Rajasthan, Republic of India to work for betterment of Human society.Sustainable development is key to sustaining peace and vice versa. Sustaining peace, a concept endorsed by the UN General Assembly and Security Council, focuses on the importance of having a long-term, comprehensive vision in all responses to violent conflict, to end vicious cycles of lapse and relapse. Many countries in complex situations have embraced the SDGs as part of the solution. Traditionally peace has been approached in sequential and separate steps: first humanitarian rescue; then securing a ceasefire and sending in peacekeepers; next creating a new governing system; and finally investing in economic, social and environmental development. But peace building and development are symbiotic, like getting fit: you would not stop smoking for a month, exercise the next month, and then eat well the following month – you would work on all together. This is why the 2030 Agenda that contains the SDGs and the Resolutions on the UN’s peace building architecture call for the dissolution of silos and the advancement of a strongly coherent and integrated approach, recognizing that development, peace and security, and human rights are interlinked and mutually reinforcing.

Asia-Africa Development Council (ADCO) Promoted by the Council for Sustainable Peace and Development working To promote, support and work in line with United Nations guidelines and policies in relation with Sustainable Peace and Development by establishing multipurpose Centers globally in the fields of Science and Technology, Innovation, Water, Food Security and Agriculture Development, Clean and affordable Energy, Tourism and Cultural Exchange,  Health Care and Gender Equality, Quality Educational,  Sustainable countries,  Infrastructure development, Economic Growth & cooperation and ICT implementation in all the sectors at international level and assist activities towards Sustainable Peace and Development and To facilitate, commence and participate in standardizing the Affiliation, Certification, Accreditation, Fellowship, and Professional Excellence process for the Sectors  And, The doing of all such other lawful things as considered necessary for the furtherance of the above objects. For the Same Council design Strategic Execution Policy 2025 including Accreditation, Diploma, Certificate, Internship, media, Professional Excellence, Conference/Summit, Workshops and Executing throughout the world with International Ambassadors and Advisors under the Mentorship of Governing Council. Our Governing Council members are willing to serve and achieve the founding mission of the Council; Members are permitted to conduct official’s duties with Devotion, love and commitment to attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We urge to global society to perform actions towards achievement of Sustainable Development and Peace for betterment of our future generations.